AMTA ITAP 2021 – Ted Talk On Creating Real Impacts Through Workforce Training, Hosted By Skillsfuture Singapore (SSG)

In this TED talk, Dr Zeng answered the below four points from the perspectives of AMTA through sharing of the industrial engagement effort across manufacturing sectors and successful case studies.

  • What do real impacts mean in i4.0 transformation?
  • Why workforce training is essential to achieve the impacts?
  • What are the the difficulties and challenges to overcome to achieve the goal?
  • How the real impacts could be achieved?

The key point Dr Zeng highlighted in this talk is that to create real impacts for SMEs through workforce training, which include productivity gain, capability upgrading and new business creation, adopting I4.0 transformation is a necessity.  Such real impacts can be achieved through contextualised training programmes that are structured in a Learn-Practise-Implement training model with contextualised training contents towards companies’ needs for I4.0 adoption. AMTA is partnering with the advanced manufacturing leaders, training providers, government agencies and their supported programmes such as the IHCI I4.0 Enabler Programme supported by WSG, and the MATO programme supported by ESG, and Industrial Associations to develop more company-centric contextualised training programmes to support the manufacturing SMEs’ advanced manufacturing transformation journey.