Real-time Insights: Digitalization in Food Manufacturing

Real-time Insights Digitalization in Food Manufacturing

Industry Type: Food Manufacturing

Background: Since 1943, People Bee Hoon Factory has been making rice vermicelli. To overcome the manual data collection and to improve productivity, they have decided to embark on a Smart Factory Transformation journey.

Objective: Digitalization of the production process to provide real time visibility of process parameters.

Implementation / Training Topic: Continuous Process Monitoring and visualization for Legacy Machines

  1. Data Acquisition System
    For steam conveyor and steam chamber to capture data automatically and real-time process monitoring.
  2. Data Transmission (Secure Data)
    Using common industrial communication protocols via industrial network system.
  3. Data Visualization and Control
    Centralized dashboard that offers data visualization and trend analysis to improve process visibility and traceability.

Outcome: By digitalizing the production process, it provides real-time visibility of crucial process parameters. This has streamlined operations and enhanced productivity. People Bee Hoon Factory continues to use the system to leverage on data-driven insights for informed decision-making and continuous process optimization.

Training Partner: Temasek Polytechnic