Panel Discussion: Journey Towards Industry 4.0 With Standards

Panel Discussion: “Journey Towards Industry 4.0 With Standards” where our speakers Mok Hon Yong, Chief Strategy Officer, Onn Wah Tech Pte Ltd, Professor John Pang, Deputy Director, Advanced Manufacturing Training Academy (AMTA), Dr Tan Puay Siew, Research Division Director of  Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology, A*STAR, Dr Alpesh Patel, Partner, McKinsey & Company and moderated by Tay Jih-Hsin, Deputy Chairman, Singapore Standards Council shared their insights on how adopting standards can help companies accelerate their I4.0 journey and strengthen their cybersecurity and connectivity capabilities.

Key Takeaways from the session

  1. To start in I4.0, identify core value driver of you business then understand where it would be most impactful for you business to implement I4.0 solutions.
  2. There will be resistance towards the digital transformation. Start by implementing small digital transformation and keep it going. Once employees, companies and owners alike have seen the value of digitalization, I4.0 will be much easier to implement.
  3. Standards are meant to facilitate the adoption of technologies and there are many resources on adopting I4.0 standards that is categorized for each sector in the industry
  4. Standards are not meant to be burdens, they are meant to facilitate you to perform to a certain standard whereby both OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and contract manufacturers can go on with the business.
  5. There are training resources available for learning and adopting standards of I4.0 as it will be beneficial to reaping greater benefits such as interoperability and connectivity.