Holistic Workforce Upskilling for UTAC’s Smart Factory Transformation

Industry Type: Semiconductor

Background: Since 2020, UTAC has participated in the I4.0 Singapore IHCI programme and completed its first Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI) assessment. They have also formulated their next 5-year I4.0 Transformation roadmap, focusing on few key pillars: Robotics, Remote Control and connectivity, Data Mining & analytic, Artificial Intelligence and various Process/Factory Automation.

Objective: To identify priority training topics for its workforce and develop holistic training programs to re-skill and upskill them.

Implementation / Training Topic: Sent their employees for the various contextualized training and job re-design programmes:

  1. Autonomous Mobile Robot for Industrial Applications
  2. Data Analytics with Power BI
  3. Data Mining for Correlation Analysis (DM-LITE)
  4. GoRPA – UiPath

Outcome: By upskilling their workforce to take up higher value tasks, UTAC through human capital development, boosts its I4.0 technologies implementation and adoption.

Training Partner: SIMTech and Republic Polytechnic