Precision Lifting Solutions: Mitigating Risks and Enhancing Control in Machine Loading Operations

Industry Type: Oil & Gas

Background: The current process of loading of parts into the machine requires a jib crane. As the part has uneven weight distribution and the existing webbing sling is subjected to the rigging configuration, the part can sway during lifting making it difficult to control and increase the risk to the operators.

Objective: To have an automation design that can handle the current process to reduce the risk for the workers and to improve the efficiency of the loading process.

Implementation / Training Topic: Evaluation of multiple automation techniques: Automation design of C-frame for parts loading

  1. Design of automation layout and key components for C-frame
  2. Design of telescopic fingers for C-frame
  3. 3D CAD model, drawings and gripper design

Outcome: By going through with an automation simulation, the company not only minimizes the financial risks associated with the initial setup but also gains valuable insights into the intricacies of an automated loading system. With the study of the automated loading system, the company can strategically anticipate and plan for its future automation requirements.

Training Partner: SIMTech