Promote Effective Communication at the Workplace

Promote Effective Communication at the Workplace

NTUC Learning Hub

Upcoming Course Date


Training Duration

7 Hrs

Full Fee


Funding Support

Up to 90%

Training Mode

Hands-on, Project Based


Entry Level, Aspiring Professional

Promote Effective Communication at the Workplace


This programme has been designed to help individuals staff upskill and increase knowledge with tools and techniques to contribute to a positive and cooperative working environment by fulfilling own responsibilities, manage interpersonal relations and providing support to others to achieve goal.

This programme will help a learner tailor their communication approaches to audience needs and determine suitable methods to convey and exchange information well with different stakeholders.

Course Objectives

  • Apply stakeholders’ analysis to determine communication objectives and set communication priorities
  • Adapt Communication Approaches and channels to meet communication objectives
  • Identify communication gaps to improve communications
  • Apply behavioural insights to audience reactions and adapt communication approaches
  • Create a visually persuasive and impactful presentation
  • Present information in flow and format that reflect audience needs



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